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You can make social media safer for children and future generations

Say you’re with us. Help ensure platforms and politicians put our children first, not profits.

Here are 4 things you can do
to protect your kids online

Social media platforms can be a real danger to children, in the way they are designed to keep them addicted to their phones and scrolling for hours on end. For many teenage girls, that means bombarding them with endless streams of videos about suicide, self-harm, eating disorders and negative body image.

But unaccountable tech companies have put virtually zero protections in place to stop kids being pulled into endless cycles of negativity, depression and self-hatred.

We are facing a crisis of teenage mental health in the United States and elsewhere. And yet, parents often feel helpless to intervene – having little or no idea what their children are exposed to every minute of every day on their phones.

But collectively, we do have power. Congress will act – but only if we come together and use our voice to demand change.

Imran Ahmed
CEO, Center for Countering Digital Hate

Write to Congress

Use your voice, and demand a plan

Download our TikTok Parents Guide

Two-thirds of American teenagers use TikTok. CCDH found that the app is bombarding young people with harmful content. We’ve created a Parents Guide to help you navigate your children’s TikTok usage.

Watch our video guide for parents

Five easy steps to protect kids online

Despite TikTok’s popularity, many parents are unclear about how it works or the potential dangers of the platform.

Parents tell us they feel overwhelmed and confused about how to support their children online. This video with our CEO, Imran Ahmed, takes you through five easy and important steps you can take to keep kids safer online.

Watch our this video and download the Parents Guide.

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About the Center for Countering Digital Hate

The Center for Countering Digital Hate is a nonprofit with offices in Washington D.C and the UK. We focus on countering and disrupting hate and misinformation online.

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You can help protect kids online and stop the spread of deadly hate and misinformation.